Best WordPress Development Tools For 2022

WordPress Top Development Tools For 2022

Best WordPress Development tools for 2022, new tools and oldie bulletproof solutions that never gets old.


XAMPP is one of the oldest development tools in the market and still one of the mostly used. This software allows you to quickly install web server, PHP and MariaDB on your local machine so it is ideal for WordPress developers too. Ease of usage, great support and being free is what makes XAMPP leader in local development. Note that XAMPP currently ships with MariaDB and not MySQL relation database but it still fully supports WordPress. Other modules in XAMPP are OpenSSL, Apache, PHP, Filezilla FTP Server, Tomcat and more.

XAMPP is meant for development purposes only and it is not recommended to use it as a real server to serve your websites.


phpMyAdmin is a free and open-source software, ideal for managing relations databases like MySQL or MariaDB.

phpMyAdmin is a favorite tool among WordPress developers and allows you to quickly investigate errors, change data, import, export and everything else you may need while developing a website.

Both XAMPP and MAMP come with preinstalled phpMyAdmin for easy development on local side while most of the hosting platforms gives you access to your databases through phpMyAdmin software installed on their servers.

WordPress Generator

Brewpy is ultimate WordPress generator with plenty of generators made to speed up your WordPress development. Brewpy is free app and includes generators that are in the paid category for other similar tools. When it comes to popular plugins, Brewpy includes Elementor Generators and Woocommerce Generators among the other ones made specifically for core WordPress functionalities.


For developers doing their coding specifically on Mac, TextMate is number 1 solution for text editor. TextMate is a powerful and customizable text editor currently only available on Mac platforms. It supports wide range of the programming languages for all needs and best of all, it is free and open source.


Similar to XAMPP, MAMP is another full solution software for local development. MAMP supports both Windows and Mac platforms and comes in two versions: MAMP and MAMP Pro. MAMP is free and opensource solution, now shipping with PHP8 support. Best option in MAMP is a possibility to choose which software to run your environment with, for example: Apache or Nginx.


Postman is a ideal tool in case you are doing WordPress REST development, this tool includes all possible options for sending/receiving requests trough the tool and is best used as a debugging tool for advanced WordPress development. Another great usage of Postman is for testing your websites since it supports notifications to different tools and platforms in case multiple team members or clients should be informed. It is hard to imagine WordPress API development or any other API development without this neat tool.


WP CLI stands for WordPress Command Line Interface and is a favorite tool for all WP geeks who loves to work through console. WP-CLI allows you to update plugins, configure multisite installations and many more operations, without using browser or any other tool. Command line interface is favorite way of working for senior developers since it can cut your development time by large if used correctly. WP-CLI is packed with advanced tools which you cannot even do in WordPress itself (unless you dig into core) like Transients API, Cron Jobs, Cache mechanism, Media API, roles and much more.


Notepad++ is the most popular software for text editing on Windows. This free and open source code editor supports many languages and is governed by GNU public license. Notepad++ is written in C++ and uses Win32 API for speed and deployments. It also uses STL which in turn requires less processing power to run and makes Notepad++ popular tool for green environment developer fans.


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